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The Answers You Need

Are appointments FREE?

Yes, with a valid referral from your GP (called a Mental Health Care Plan) you will get access to 10 Free (bulk Billed) Psychology sessions each year.
Bulk billing means you don't have to pay for your appointment. Medicare pays your psychologist direct. If you don't have a valid referral, Medicare will not pay for appointments.

Do i need a referral?

  • Yes. To access medicare bulk billing, you will need a valid referral from your doctor, called a Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP) or an Eating Disorder Management Plan (EDMP). A new referral from your doctor is required at the 1st, 7th appointment.

  • No. You can still have sessions for a fee if you don't have a referral. 

Where is the Psychologist located during our Video Telehealth appointment?

Your psychologist is situated in a private and quiet space, either their home office or clinic consulting rooms. Your appointment is treated with the same privacy and confidentiality as would an appointment attended in person at a  clinic.

Do I need an internet connection?

To have your appointment via Video, you will need an internet connection on your smart phone or computer.

If you have your appointment via telephone, then you do not need internet. 

What if i have trouble with my internet connection

That's okay! You can continue your appointment over the telephone. Your psychologist will call your mobile if you don't join the Video link. 

What referrals do you accept

  • Mental Health Care Plans (to access 10 free bulk-billed appointments)

  • Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)

  • National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

  • Australian Defence Force and Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA),

  • WorkCover.

  • Self-referrals, Private Health (there will be a fee as these aren't covered by Medicare). 

Who do i contact if i have enquiries?

You can email our helpful team at

Do you have a phone number i can call?

Our main form of contact is via email. If you have an enquiry or question, we have a dedicated team responding to all enquiries via email. Just fill in our Contact Form!

Can i see the same psychologist each appointment?

Yes. You can see the same psychologist for all your appointments. You also have the flexibility to change psychologists if you like. Just book with the clinician you prefer using the Client Booking Portal.

Can I book more than 1 appointment? 

Yes. You can book a series of sessions so you don't have to have long wait times between each appointment. Just use the online Client Booking Portal.

* Please read our Privacy Policy & Terms for further information

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