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Bulk Billed

Video or Telehealth

For Children & Adults

Connect with an online Psychologist for FREE
from anywhere in Australia.

It's Free for 10 sessions

Cost is no longer a barrier to getting help. All you need is a referral. 

Book around your schedule

Our Online Psychologists are available every day and all hours. Find one that suits you.

Access your session from anywhere

Whether on your computer or smart phone, you can speak to a Psychologist from any location, whether it's from work, home or outdoors!

It's easy.

1.  Press
and complete your details

2.   Complete our intake form that will be emailed to you and attach your GP referral
(If you don't have one, we can assist you)

3.  You will then be able to login to our Client Portal to book your Bulk-Billed sessions. 


Are you new to Telehealth?

We all start somewhere. Even the most experienced Telehealth patients started with their 1st appointment at one point.

Trying something new can make you feel a little nervous. But that's okay. Telehealth has become one of the most popular forms of accessing a Psychologist.

Your session over Telehealth is via a Video Link or telephone and is respected with the same privacy that an appointment in the clinic would.

Hop on the computer at home, or find a quiet space and use your Smartphone.


Video Telehealth has become very popular, and is now covered by NDIS and Medicare.

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